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    Hillcast is thinking about writing a version of Midcast in native Palm so the app will be more robust and so the Java HQ won't take up a good chunk of memory. on your Treo. What do you think? Good idea or bad idea?
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    Pesonally I don't like the Java apps for Palm so far so I would be more open to the idea of being java-free but features are currently limited for the money.

    The problem I have with Midcast so far is that although the streaming of data is nice it also needs to have the ability to pull data from your accounts (direct from sites or through type of service) to compute your daily gains/losses, history, etc. It's nice to know how the stock is doing for the day but I really care about how much I've made or lost that day.

    That's just my two cents though...
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    I quite agree with manielse.
    I have used Midcast and I had fun with it, but it was useless for my needs. I use StockManager and I get stock information wirelessly throughout the day: Gains/losses, charts and more.
    Check this link for StockManager:
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