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    A while ago Skinner was released for the Treo 270/300 for the capability of adding Skins to the Phone app. At the time the 180 was not supported. I solicited the company to allow it to run on the 180 and they sent me a release about 2 weeks ago, and a week later they officially made it available.

    The skin is obviously really limited by only having black and white, but I have done up a version almost identical to the standard app, however I have fixed a couple things that really bother me:

    1) The accents on all the buttons have been removed. I find that with the black and white screen and the glare I usually have, that without the accents, it is a lot easier to distinguish the buttons from the selector brackets.

    2) The selector brackets have been modified to be a little larger, and easier to see.

    All this of course is in my opinion. Let me know what you think.

    You can view the screenshots, and download the skin here.
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    Appleman. You are indeed a legend

    I know what you mean about the accents - bug me too.
    Another thing which really annoys me is the alphabet on the numberpad keys which begs the question. Any chance?...
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    You mean you don't want any alphabet? I could do that no problem. Let me know, and I can make that change for you.
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    Hey Appleman

    Does anyone use them ? I'm not too sure what the alphas are for ?

    Gee, if you could do a skin without the alphas , that would be pretty cool for me

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    At least in the US, a lot of phone numbers have alphanumeric equivalents.

    I still remember from my first trip to the US (14 yrs ago) that the phone number for Amtrak (the national railway) is 1-800-USA-RAIL. I doubt I would have remembered 1-800-872-1245 for more than 10 seconds.

    So pretty much any phone here has the letter-equivalents on the dial pad. For Europe this may not make much sense.

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    downloaded and installed, but must be missing a step. Am using X-Master, but Skinner does not show as a hack,or on main screen.
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    Skinner comes with its own hack. Works well.
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    Here ya go nzmoko. The new skin has been uploaded to the site linked above. It's the same as the other one except the numbers have no letters.

    If the page has not refreshed to show the new skin, try this link instead:

    My ISP sometimes has caching issues on it's webservers.
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    Oh, I see. Thanks 'ocs' for clearing that up. Yeah, not really used here (Switzerland). Not sure about the rest of Europe. Cool idea tho.

    Appleman: You are a legend. Thanks a heap

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