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    I tried AIM on my Treo 180 and it seems it was the application that from time to time would "lock up" the device requiring a hard reset etc. Has anyone used AOL for Palm OS on the Treo 270 successfully?
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    Try here.

    I have got it to work, but it is not the greatest solution. Try Chatter or Verichat.
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    Originally posted by melvinbotchin
    Has anyone used AOL for Palm OS on the Treo 270 successfully?
    AOL for palm works great. I use it all the time for AOL mail.
    I use Verichat for AIM and it works very well.
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    Recently dumped Quikchat for smschat. Lean, mean, reliable, very functional SMS/AIM chat utility.

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    Works well, and has been very stable on mine.
    Unless you have web clipping capability (not standard on the Treo) the AOL content will not work. Switching to other applications or going into standby (closing the lid) will cause a disconnect after a few minutes.
    I find using AOL Alerts to send SMS notification of incoming messages from selected senders to be very useful.
    However, AOL3 For Palm does not support the Treo's Jog Dial, and offers only limited support for keyboard shortcuts.
    Aside from that, it's a decent application.
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