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    Does anyone has treo 270 free tones or text files to import to Ringo or some other ringer program?

    I just don't want to pay for rings I may not even like!

    Any nice links with Treo rings?

    Greetings from Mexico City

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    Hi avega:

    Si buscas en Palgear, existen demos de algunas colecciones que contienen de 5 a diez tonos, no son los mejores, pero funcionan.

    Yo he comprado una grán variedad y vale la pena, mandame un correo .

    If look at Palmgear, exist demos for some ring colectionswith 5 to 10 free tones, they are not the bes, but they work.

    Saludos de la misma Cd de México
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    Te mandé un correo, muchas gracias

    Í already sent you an email, thanks for your response

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