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    I have tried mulitple locations to find an answer to this question. What is the procedure for entering the SIM subsidy unlock code for my 270? I have received the code from my provider, but when I contactd them, there was some confusion as to the proper technique. I find it abhorant to pay 19.99 per incident to ask a simple question that should be in the owners manual. I'm leaving for the United Kingdom soon and for money sake, I would rather use a local provider's SIM than the Roaming rates for my provider. HELP
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    Do you mean how to select a different service provider when roaming? I think this would be under "options" in the phone book speed dial screen. Under "select Network" may be what you need.

    Hope this helps,

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    Actually what I am looking for is the procedure to unlock the Treo so that I can use another company's SIM in my phone. Each phone, when sold by a service provider is "locked" so that it is only usable with that companies' SIM. There is a code that will "unlock the phone for use with another provider, which I have, but I have not been able to get the procedure to enter the unlock code. By the way, my spelling mistake, its actually subsidy not sudsidy.
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    Unlocking the Network lock varies from carrier to carrier, so the procedure with your carrier may differ slightly. But in general, you have to approach your carrier for an unlock code (they may charge you an amount based on their policy, Rogers AT&T charges $250 CND to open the subsidy lock, and again based on your account history they may charge you nothing) Once you have the unlock code from your carrier, the rest of the steps are common to all carriers for the Treo.

    1) On your Treo navigate to the Dial Pad.
    2) Using your stylus enter *#*#(unlock code)#
    3) And now tap on the green Dial button.

    You already have the code so you just need to follow the above 3 steps, and you are free!! by the way who’s your carrier? And did they charge you any extra money for the unlock code?

    Regards & Enjoy your trip.
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    Thank You so much!
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    Originally posted by johan1070
    Thank You so much!
    He answered your question and saved your ****, maybe you could answer his? At least you said thanks

    by the way who’s your carrier? And did they charge you any extra money for the unlock code?
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    I stumbled on to this discussion of Treo 270 unlocking. Let me tell you my story!

    I purchased a Treo 270 from, a Canadian e-tailer, with the intention of using it with my existing Fido account, a Canadian GSM provider (with my Fido SIM card). Unfortunately after receiving the Treo, and after a long time with technical support, I discovered that it is locked to only work with Rogers AT&T as the provider (and Rogers SIM cards) for wireless service. This was not mentioned at all, or even implied, on the product description page on

    I determined that the phone could be unlocked by someone at Rogers so that it could be used with any GSM wireless provider. I would be charged $250 by Rogers for this service, however.

    I believe that this is quite unfair (in fact, I would say even a breach of the implied contractual agreement between myself and FutureShop for the purchase of this item as described) that I should be expected to pay an additional $250 simply for
    the use of an item, as described by FutureShop, and for which I have already paid *full price* for (i.e. un-subsidised).

    This case is not like other wireless phones, for example, where there is a deeply discounted price with an agreement to sign up for a wireless contract with a specific provider. This item was not indicated to be discounted, and was not described to be related to any provider at all, including Rogers. It was described simply as a full featured PDA with GSM capabilities.

    There was a link to a "mail-in rebate" indicated on the item description page which I did not view at the time (it is not my legal duty to look at, or take advantage of, an optional mail-in rebate offer). However upon careful examination of this offer today it only mentions that a discount of $150 will be offered by Rogers *if* a client *decides* to sign up for their wireless service. Since I am not interested in signing up with Rogers, this does not apply to me. I was never interested in the mail-in rebate.

    Anyhow, that's my story... I'm stuck for the moment. I'm trying to appeal to FutureShop (for them to pay the $250 unlocking fee with Rogers).

    If anyone reading this post works at Rogers (or if you know anyone who does), I would appreciate it very much if you could tell me how to unlock my Treo 270. (i.e. the unlock code) My email address is listed on my profile on here.

    For your interest, and as "evidence", I have attached a ZIP file (renamed to .PRC since this web board system would not allow the attachment otherwise). The ZIP file contains:
    - a web screen capture of the product description page as of April 8, 2003 (filename: treo270.mht, an Internet Explorer web archive file, viewable with Internet Explorer 6.x).
    - the mail-in rebate information, 03-04-30-treo270.pdf

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    I would agree that Futureshop needs to make this more known throughout it's ads. When I bought mine I did enough research that I stumbled upon the fact that the Treo is only offered in Canada through Rogers, and that it would be most likely be locked.

    I chose eBay to get mine and I am happily using it on Fido.

    Can you not return the product to Futureshop? I would highly doubt that they are going to pay $250 to unlock it.
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    I don't think FutureShop is too much to blame here - the Treo 270 box in Canada is 100% Rogers branded; I saw it when I was visiting Montreal. I think you would have a hard time claiming that you were misrepresented aboutr which network it would work on. No manufacturer ever makes noise about which network a phone is locked to but you have to read the signals a bit.
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    in response to both your comments:

    1. I am in Toronto, currently under SARS quarantine, so no I can't go out and return the item at this time. Actually that was the point of using so that it would be home delivered and that I could start using it with my existing Fido account right away. In any case, yes in about 10 days (assuming I'm OK!) I can go return it to the store, but I should be able to use it with Fido nonetheless. The principle and the legality is on my side.

    2. It is true that the box says Rogers all over it. But there is no picture of the box shown online! I had never seen this item in stores before; I purchased it online.

    I agree that probably Futureshop won't give me $250 to go to Rogers store to unlock the device. But I am hoping that someone at head office (my complaint/case is slowly rising through the ranks as we speak) might give a call to a local Rogers outlet and take care of it.

    Either that or I can pray that some good natured Rogers AT&T employee will stumble on to this message thread and drop me a line and tell me how to unlock it. Presumably it is just a simple alphanumerical unlock code.
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    Keep us updated, I am really curious to see what they do, if anything.

    While it is frustrating having a locked phone, I do not see them budging. The same would apply to any other phone. For instance: Both Fido and Rogers offer the SE T68I. Both are locked to each others networks. As the consumer you have to buy the right phone for the network you want to use it on.

    The same would apply to the Nokia 7210. Currently, only Fido sells it. If you ordered it, and it doesn't specifically say that it is unlocked, I would assume that it is locked to Fido, as they are the current Canadian supplier of this phone.

    The locking of phones can be very frustrating, I have sort of gone through it with Rogers and Handspring, they would not budge. (The details don't apply to your situation however).

    Good luck with your condition. Hope it works out well
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    I have nothing against locking phones, it is completely justified when you purchase a phone that is discounted/subsidised. But this is not at all like my case. Firstly, this item (Treo 270) is advertised as a PDA by (not in the Communications section, but in Computers->PDA) and is not at all discounted like mobile phones (this is a full price un-discounted item).

    Yes, alas, I probably should have bought it on eBay like you. That's what I get for being a loyal FutureShop customer...

    And, yes, I'll keep you posted.
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    Sorry I was away for a while and could not frequent the thread.

    Being in Pennsylvania johan1070 probably has T-Mobile as his carrier, to the best of my knowledge their policy is if you are a customer for more than 90 days they unlock the Treo for free. I just wanted to validate it from johan1070, Way I see it is: more users should benefit from accurate info on this board for it to serve its purpose. Anyways, different people different agenda.

    Toboy, I myself got my Treo from Handspring and thus unlocked. Unfortunately I do not know anybody working for Rogers. But, I suspect there are two locks on Treo’s marketed by Rogers:

    1) Subsidy Lock: You cannot use your phone on ANY network unless you call your carrier to activate the phone.

    2) Network Lock: After activating you can only use the phone with SIM cards from that particular carrier’s network.

    Rogers, will remove Subsidy lock for free but I have heard that they are not very flexible with regards to Network Lock. (I am sure you are aware that they need to cover the cost of providing you the phone at a subsidized rate and hope to recover that cost from you by forcing you to exclusively use their network).

    I am not an advocate of snatching the incentives from the provider and am not suggesting you try the following but just wanted to clear a slight misconception that unlock code is a alphanumeric number. It’s a pure 8-digit number and like any other GSM phone the unlocking procedure for the Treo is generated by an algorithm based on its IMEI number. For the adventurous kind there are other means to Network unlocking the Treo than to rely on the carrier.

    Good Luck
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    I am sure you are aware that they need to cover the cost of providing you the phone at a subsidized rate
    Yes, of course, I have nothing against that. In my case, though, the frustrating thing is that Rogers in no way subsidised the price of the phone. I repeat again, I paid full price, no discount (in fact, with the current exchange rate today, I might have saved a few bucks by ordering directly from Handspring!).

    I'm starting to find out from my research now that Rogers apparently has some sort of behind-the-doors deal with all retailers in Canada regarding this item... Very strategic on their part, but totally unfair to the consumer -- and at the very least should be made clear to consumers before they purchase an item (i.e. that they will not be able to use it fully since it is locked).
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    I have been following the thread on the Rogers lock with interest. I bought a treo 270 from ebay, however it will only work with O2 and Vodaphone. My current contract is with Orange for another 12 months and I would like to use that provider. My queston is how can I identify who has locked Orange out of use on my phone? All suggestions welcomed.
    Richard H
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    It appears TigerDirect does the same "trick" with Treo 180s. They are offered for $49 (after $150 T-Mobile Rebate), but they conveniently forget to tell you that the phone is locked to T-Mobile whether you want the rebate or not.

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    I asked cingular for the unlock code for my 270 and they told me that there wasn't one as it was not locked.

    Any way to check short of putting another SIM card in ?
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    Nope, you have to try another SIM.
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    Go to a non-Cingular wireless store (e.g., T-Mobile) and tell'em that you're interested in switching, assuming your Treo will work. I am sure they have a SIM to try it out.
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    After all this time reading threads here at TC. I was always under the impression that 180/270's received directly from Handspring are not locked!
    Well I learned something new today. I just received an advanced replacement today from HS. Charged the pretty little thing up, did a restore hot sync and put my Cingular SIM card in it, turned on the radio and got an immediate "SIM card not allowed" "Your phone cannot be used with this SIM card"!
    So I did a soft reset and tried it again, same error.
    Called HS support and they said we're sorry they must have sent you replacement for a different carrier. So now they're sending me another advanced replacement which bumbs me out because I probably won't see it until Monday.
    Interestingly enough if I go to the "phone info" it has the gprs upgrade installed version 1.1.2 which is the Cingular version.
    Is there something I can do to get this working?
    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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