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    Hey, Burkhardi et al,
    Good list.
    One addition:

    On your Accuweather bookmark, replace "act=L" with "thisZip=XXXXX" (where XXXXX is your 5 digit zipcode) at the end of the URL and accuweather will automatically open on your local weather. This is one step faster if that is your intent and if you tend to want the weather for the same area. If you want a different location, you can change the zip with a link at the bottom of the page.
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    Fin, thanks for the suggestion, however I have it that way already ( 78758, Austin-Texas). I left it out of the link, so if some one just coppied it, they would not be stuck w/ my area if they were not very computer savy.

    Thanks again for the info Fin, there may have been a change that I didn't know this.... this is why I like this board, very useful and full of good people with good knowelge!

    Thanks again, Matt Burkhard
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    Sprint PCS Business Connection - True push email!

    Power Jog - Control or launch pretty much any application one handed.

    Treo 300SMS - Picks up where Sprint left off on being able to SEND SMS.

    T-Buttons - Use a combination of the blue and hard application buttons to launch up to four programs.

    Treo Tools - Automatically turns wireless mode back on after reset.

    Backup Buddy - Don't really need this until you REALLY need it. Will make your life so much easier one day, I promise.

    TV Browser - Have access to up to 14 days of TV programming and set reminders for certain shows.
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    Originally posted by treo007
    Sprint PCS Business Connection - True push email!

    Backup Buddy - Don't really need this until you REALLY need it. Will make your life so much easier one day, I promise.
    Biz Conn is not true push. Backup Buddy? I have hard-reset dozens of times and never once lost anything. I've never had Backup Buddy.
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    Same here. Many hard resets (intentional and otherwise), but never a problem with restoring from a plain vanilla HotSync.
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    backup buddy also saves ypur custom prefrences like speed dial lists, bookmarks, and email server settings.
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    Backup Buddy rules! Just got a new, replacement for my Treo 300. Synch'd the new one for the first time. Backupbuddy restored everything like a charm!!!
    Palm, Palm III, Palm Vx, Treo 300, Treo 600, Treo 650, Treo 700p, Treo 755p, and Palm Pixi
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    So there I was...... watching a movie in my friends "home theather" and we were watching the new Roger Rabbit DVD that they just released.

    I pulled out the ole' Treo 300 and went looking for "easter eggs" on the DVD (Used Google and found several links (ie- ))and amazed my friend that they were already out and that I didn't even have to leave the comfort of the big Lazy Boy, turn on the lights or make a peep (had the ringer on "silent").....Gotta like it
    Matt Burkhard
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    Here’s my 4 cents…

    For the mobile office:
    - Documents to Go 5 Premium ($)
    (Upgraded to 6 because it has spell check)
    - - Supoprts:Word, Excel, Charts PowerPoint, PDF & E-mail w/attachments!
    - DateBook5 ($) Kinda cool w/ color & icons (I wish the color & icons showed up in Outlook)
    - WirelessModem($) for my W95 laptop at home, not for the impatient/non-techie
    - - using USB+Serial sync/Charger Cable from "accessorydirect" on ebay ($15)
    - PalmNet ($) for my company laptop (W2000). True plug & play!
    - - soon to be using USB Sync & Charge Cable from "yatchai" on ebay ($10)

    - Email App: DataVizMail as part of DocToGo...but I'm still looking for the best one
    - Browser: Blazer, but I'm still looking for the best one, lots of static out there (Help!)
    update: - EudoraWeb for sites that Blazer cant seem to render (free)
    - Treo300SMS: broke down and paid $20, works great
    - SMS Sender: Website that lets you SMS to ANY cellphone (free)

    For convince:
    - TreoButton (free)
    - BigClock (free)
    - HandyShopper (free)
    - TreoHelper(free)
    update: - Minutes PLUS (free)
    update: - MarknDial (need X-Master hack) (free)

    For the kids in the car:
    - Zap!2016 (free)
    - ChessGenius (free)
    - SolFree (free)
    - KidZ Pak LE (free)
    - Piano Sight Read (shareware)
    update: - QuickNotes (free)

    For me:
    - MobiPocket ebook reader (free)
    - - I've read several books this way, mostly while waiting in lines, ect.
    - - free ebooks:
    - Olive Tree Bible Software (free)

    As for accessories, since you didn’t ask:
    - Desktop cradle – I find it a must at the office
    - Case: The one I use the most is the leather one picked up at the Sprint store (not the plastic Handspring one). It has the best belt clip that clicks as it spins. The downside is it does not cover the lid like the Case Techworks Treo™ II Convertible Flip Case, which is detachable. (I have both & trade off)
    - 2-in-1 stylus pen. Very pricey at $10 and it rattles in vibrate mode, loudly if in the cradle on my desk, but it’s great to have a pen handy, so I’ll keep it (
    (I lost it in June! Too pricey to buy another, but I miss it.)
    - Targus wireless keyboard - expensive for my taste, but great for entry, still have not figured out all the navigation. I don't use it as much as I thought I might.

    Lastly, a good place to bookmark is SmallSites. It has a short but good list of links that accommodate pda clipped sites.
    - update: - I can actually update my que!
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    For fun & profit & Christ,
    TWF in Chicago
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