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    How do I block spam SMS messages? I went to the SMS preferences at sprint and tried to enter a spammer's domain in the block list, but there was not enough room.

    I think what I am getting is spam, not email.

    Actually, what would be ideal is a white list feature because there are only a few people I want to accept SMS from, so it would be less work for me to create an approved list. Is this possible with sprint?

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    SPAM on SMS......when is the maddness going to stop. I hate SPAM, if we wanted the junk these people peddled, we would look them up, we don't need to be told about their "snake oil"

    .....oh, I gatta go... just got a SPAM email on my home account and it says I can be an investor in a top secrect diamond mind in Texas and get up to $100,00,000 and at the same sign a time share......

    Sorry, had to vent.
    Also sorry to hear you are getting spamed on your SMS, I hope it's an isolated deal (still not good for you though)
    Any anti-Spam laws in the works? ANyone know? This is worse the the telemarkerters that call my house, at least I'm pretty good at blocking them..

    Has anyone received any telemarket calls on their cell phones?

  3. #3 that these SPAM messages are almost never readable. They will have a couple of readable words, along with a whole bunch of garbage chars after or in the middle of them (presumably to help hide the fact that they are spam.) All they do is buzz my phone and annoy me. I couldn't respond to them if I wanted to, or even if I knew what they were.

    I know that it doesn't cost much to send a spam message, but it does cost something. You would think that these guys would automatically filter out anybody with an email address. It is a waste of their time as well as ours.
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    one of he very first sms messages I received when I got my 270 was a spam. I swear it was like the 2 or 3rd sms.

    haven't gotten one since.

    had the 270from the time they were released.
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