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    I recently downloaded Keycontacts trial version from the Chapura website. All seems to be working fine with the exception that since the install, the screen brightness goes to 1/2 power after 15 seconds. I contacted Chapura tech support and they informed me that it is a known issue with Treo 90 and there is no time estimate for the fix. Since I use my Treo 90 outside alot, this is real annoyance because I can't read the screen at 1/2 brightness. The problem occurs across most of the apps installed. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know of a work around? I was considering a soft reset and reinstall. Help!!??

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    Have you tried double clicking the power button? That usually toggles between normal display and half intensity, so if you were just stuck in dim mode, it might be a fix. The double click has to be fast so it doesn't turn off your Treo, of course.
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    I am aware of the double click option but this is different. I automatically goes to dim mode at 15 seconds and comes back to full brightness when a key is pressed or screen is tapped.

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