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    Has anybody seen this and if so, know how to fix it????

    I am using Eudora with two webmail accounts. Whenever I check messages, it seems to skip many of the messasges. I have tried almost every setting imanginable on the account set-up.

    I know that the accounts are working fine because I don't experience this problem with either outlook or outlook express on my PC.

    I don't even want Eudora to sync with my other mail clients. I just want it to download every message that I receive (even if it is a duplicate).

    Any ideas?
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    Need more info.

    I know for me, that if I check my mail from my PC (checking my Road Runner email via Outlook express), that when I use my Treo\Eurora, it's not there because my PC outlook takes it off the Road Runner email server.

    However if I check it on my Treo first, it will be on my Treo and my outlook on my PC. I assume either Eudora or Road Runner know that I am on a mobile device and it keeps it on the server so when I check my email via my PC and Outlook, it's still there for me to view. Hope this helps, even though I think you are having a different issue. Regards, Matt Burkhard
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    It depends on how you have your email clients setup.

    I check email from 3-4 diffent computers. All the clients are set up to "Leave the mail on the server."

    My main PC also has the setting to then delete the mail after a couple of days after it gets it. Sure, I may get the same email a couple of times, but at least my main computer is the only archiver of messages.

    This works for me, YMMV.
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    I had the same problem as you. It actually indicated that messages were skipped in the skipped column. I don't know how I got it to stop, but it it did. It only happened with an account that I one had filters on, but I dunno if futzing with that changed it. I deleted the filter repeatedly.

    It's very frustrating so I feel you. I just kept changing the settings until it worked -- dunno which setting or combo it was. Try deleting the account and starting a new one.


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