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    I've had my original Treo300 since November. Had no major problems with it - only minor with third party apps. I've also been an active member of this forum and have learned tremendously from it. I have read numerous threads siting that the 'always on' data connection is in reality bogus. My experience would lead me to agree with all the complaints. After being idle for several minutes or a few hours, a data connection is only established after 'logging on' again (even when the gray data arrows are present). From what I've read here, most posters agree.

    But, for the last three days, I have not seen the 'logging on' process for data connection. I don't turn off wireless mode, nor do I have 'keep alive' software installed. Even after overnight of non-use, my first data request through Blazer or Eudora or TreoSMS does not yield a 'Connection In Progress' screen. Did Sprint finally fix something? Am I alone in this welcome positive experience? Or is this just a fluke and a teaser, and I should expect things to go back to the way they were.
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    Well, I think it's just a fluke and a teaser but, I have noticed similar behavior. I had the overnight experience yesterday, I believe, and was also surprised. I just checked my Treo now after several hours of non-use and it was "always on."
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    Mine is still hit and/or miss. Seems worse on the weekend. As I posted some months back, although I never would have thought this issue to be location-specific, it is, for me anyway. A couple of trips to San Diego and Las Vegas found the data connection to be rock solid there. Here at my home turf (outside Dallas), the data connection is iffy.
    Most frustratiing is that my connection problems started around Thanksgiving - up to that point, the connection would ALWAYS stay active (I got my Treo in August). After that, it's been sporadic. Although a month or so ago, it seemed better - not so much now. Back to the same ol' same.
    I've learned to live with it - it doesn't make me AS insane as it used to.
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    1xRTT and GPRS services are 'always on' only in the sense that your IP connection or session is continuously connected to the Net. Your handset will time-out the connection and drop the actual IP connection until you need it again. The re-connect is so fast, who cares?

    All 3G networks establish a connection and give you a session known as a PDP context (GPRS) or Mobile IP session (1xRTT). This is yours until you disconnect, the network kicks you off or you get dropped thru poor coverage. Your handset will let the session time-out and sleep but not drop, periodically.

    The whole value proposition of 3G is that you get a quick re-awakening of your connection when you need data. It is not the same as DSL where you are always connected with a live up/down link. Streaming audio or other constant connection activities are not going to become a common use of 3G networks anytime soon. The reason 3G works for both consumer and carrier alike is that the service usage pattern of consumers is intermittent - when you are not using a data connection port, someone else is. 16 people can share a 10 port cell tower, each thinking they are 'always on' and each quite happy to be able to get a re-connection as they need it. Statistically, this works out very well for everyone.

    Most people want email, web browsing, IM and some B2B apps. With the exception of IM, these don't need constant connections. VeriChat from does a great job of compensating for the lack on constancy by keeping your IM presence alive thru SMS. This is an inspired way to work within the reality of the 3G Net behaviors.
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    Reconnecting isn't really that fast, but that's not even the point. The problem with Sprint disconnects is that they are silent - the Treo never learns that the connection has gone down, and software (VeriChat included) merrily assumes that it's up and running. Worse, a reconnect on the 300 requires the UI to come up, so reconnection can't really happen in the background. The VeriChat workaround is adds additional servers to the equation, one of them being the Black Hole of Calcutta SMS server at Sprint.

    Let's face it - Sprint's '3G' service is not ready for prime-time.

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    I disagree. The sprint pcs network has exceeded my expectations in almost every aspect. The only issue I have is the speed of the SMS server at times. However, recently I haven't noticed any problems with the speed or lack of delivery.

    The UI thing I believe is a palm thing. My wife has another palm based PDA and her's does the same thing. It makes sense to have the UI when you are being charged by the kb which when

    As far as thruput the 3G network exceeds dialup when connected to a laptop. (thanks Palmnet) When I'm in an airport that is a blessing (I no longer have to kneal or lay in front of payphones anymore to get an internet connection.)

    So, yes it has improved and it's definitly ready for my prime time(hey it's not crashing my treo on connection anymore

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    everyone for taking the time to reply to this thread. Sorry to say that those three glorious days of uninterrupted data connection was a fluke. But it looks like it is possible for Sprint to deliver on their promise of 'always on' data connections by adding capacity (more ports) to their network. It is likely that Sprint is hesitant or unable to keep up with the increasing number of unlimited vision subscribers in the short term. Also considering the increase in customers using vision for internet connections for their computers, Sprint's network can easily be overloaded. Still 3G is a leap from 2G. Unlimted data will soon be mainstream if it's not already.

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