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    The weirdest thing happened the other day: I have attached a HS belt clip to the dashboard of my car. I put the T270 in it while driving, connected to the battery charger and the earpiece. (works great as I spend a lot of time in the car)
    I suddenly noticed that the unit was switching itself on automatically every one to two minutes, then turn off after the 1minute auto off I have it set to. It kept doing this for about one hour.
    I then removed it from the holder, and left it on the front seat, and the problem was gone.
    Can this be due to the fact that the belt clip is attached next to the radio ???? I have had this setup now for six or seven months with no problems, but got a new 270 last week...
    Any comments welcome !!
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    i solved a similar problem with my 180g by deleting a pending sms message

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