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    Hey dudes

    when I hotsync, right after iSync is done, the HotSync Manager does this thing called BACKUP

    And it backsup for a REALLY LONG TIME

    it makes syncing take about 20 minutes or so....without it, it would be a lot faster

    Would it be okay if I unchecked backup and not did it anymore?? Is backup necessary at all???


    Ali Hasan
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    you dont have to back up every time you sync, but you you should do back ups. if you have to do a hard reset or lose your phone you will be glad you did. I run my life with my Treo, so I back up every time I sync.
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    You may have already tried this but, from the palm desktop hotsync menu, you can choose "customize" to set defaults on what is backed up and what is not. I'm not sure if what you describe is a function of iSync though.
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    The Backup portion of your synchronization is the System conduit running.

    This makes a copy of the Palm OS registry (Saved Preferences) and many other important files required by your Treo such as your speed dials. If you lose your Saved Prefs file or restore an old one, you may be missing lots of settings for your Treo and have to re-register purchased software.

    The reason your HotSync is taking so long is that you probably have added a whole boat load of extra software which parasitically uses the System conduit to makee copies of their data to your Backup folder. Any file with the Backup attribute checked will be copied or verified to the Backup folder when you HotSync. It should not take 20 minutes though unless you are using IR HotSync or a Serial cradle or if you are synching to two computers. In the latter case, HotSync will think you are doing recovery synchs all the time and make fresh copies to the Backup folder. If you synch with two PCs, set one of the PCs to Handheld overrides desktop for all conduits (i.e. you are just maintaining a copy of your data on the secondary PC).
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    Thanks dudes!

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