View Poll Results: When you find out that treo is selling for only $149. How did you feel?

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    just go to and check out for yourself.
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    $150 from sprint and 200 from amazon for a NEW PHONE NUMBER activiation

    anyone think of the new activiation of this phone as a add-phone to a plan for $20 then cancel it and keep the rebates?
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    another thing is that if you look at the amazon rebate it only has the treo 180 not the 300

    that might cause problems
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    It's $200 from Sprint. Amazon is giving up $150 thru 4/9.

    Buy a Handspring Treo 300 by 6/29 and get $200 from Sprint!

    Sprint does require activation on a new line of service with a new phone plan. Not valid with add-a-phone.

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    Originally posted by quake8
    another thing is that if you look at the amazon rebate it only has the treo 180 not the 300

    that might cause problems
    look at the rebate form again. i had to twice. it's under "PCS Phone Handspring Treo 300 (Sprint)"

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    I have yet to receive my sprint rebate sent 12-1-02. Web site has listed check number for over a month. Sprint says it got lost in the mail. Funny, my bills don't get lost in the mail. Sprint put a stop on the check and said they would send another in 30 days. I'll call back then and see what excuse they can think of then if I don't get my rebate.
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    I got my Sprint check in late January (after they initially said I wasn't eligible), but I still haven't gotten my Amazon ($200) rebate. I've sent them the paperwork four times now. Customer service now assures me that the check is in the mail!
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    Anyone have the phone # for Amazon CS?
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    I don't know the phone number. I used e-mail, and they were very responsive, answering the same day each time I contacted them.
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    Originally posted by FrankBattle
    Anyone have the phone # for Amazon CS?
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    Print out the ad, take to sprint store, sweet talk the mgr. That is what I did, no waiting for rebates...dcr
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    Just got an update from our Sprint Business Solutions Program manager. They changed the Treo 300 to be an instant credit on your account. So if you buy from a BSP agent (like us), you don't have to mess with a mail-in rebate. You will automatically get the $200 on your 1st months invoice from Sprint. It'll just carry over until used.


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