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    Sorry, new phone .. longtime VP user. I've got noise during my conversations, 1 every 5 minutes. It sounds like a kind of machine noise, I'm wondering if it's some kind of network problem, or part of the phone's history. So far, I have heard good things about the Treo. Thanks.

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    It reminds me of the Matrix - you know the first scene - "Is this line secure?"

    Perhaps a bit dramatic, but I don't think it's the phone ....

    If I'm under surveillance, I hope they catch the part about H.P. Lovecraft and Philip K. ****.

    Anyhow, I hope you guys have had enough comic relief and SOMEONE can tell me why my phone is going crazy like this ...
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    Of course, I forgot to add I'm using T-Mobile and only "I" can hear the noise, so it's only on my end.

    Not only that, but I've performed a hard reset on the phone and it still gives me the hard, machine noise, which means it could not be the software.


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