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    I just changed my plan with sprint they said they had a new family plan..

    2,000 anytime minutes
    unlimited nights and weekends
    unlimited Sprint to sprint (nationwide)
    2nd phone included to share minutes
    unlimited PCSVision on both phones

    $100 a month and with my corp. Discount $75

    Does this sound good ?
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    Yes it is a fair deal but was a better deal last month when the same plan was $85 per month.
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    last month it was 85 for 2 phoens but without $10 n and w mins and without vision
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    Last month it didn't include N&W minutes ($10 extra) but did include vision. At least that's what it was when I signed up.
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    What's the "Corp Discount"? What does it take to qualify?

    Had my Treo about a month. Bought from Best Buy for $299 - $50 mail in rebate.

    Warren C.
    Warren C.
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    The corporate discount is offered to certain corporations by Sprint and varies from corporation to corporation. For example, with my company I get 20% off all monthly charges.


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