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    Over the weekend I thought I'd get my Treo 600 out the back fo the draw and give it a charge. With the exception of having to do a hard reset and open it up and reseat a bunch of connectors its all up and running. Even the battery is holding an impressive charge!

    Anyhow i have a bit of a shopping list of questions to refresh my memory or update any changes.

    The Treo is an unlocked Orange handset and now being using on giffgaff. Everything is working fine except very very sluggish GPRS performance - I don't remember it being this slow.

    Taking into account the limitations of Blazer, takes about 2 minutes to load also I have enabled POP access to my Gmail account however that just hangs saying connecting to when doing a send & receive before giving up.

    I have moved to the other side of the city which doesn't improve matters as well as double checked the APN settings

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to improve the GPRS performance?

    Fingers crossed!
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    ignore the above, just read though the forums and it seems the March of technology has rendered the mail functionality incomparable with modern providers.
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    Yea, I tried to pull my email with VM on my 650 but it doesn't want to work.

    I would load up Opera Mini + Java VM and access email through them.

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