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    I just got my Sprint PCS Vision service set-up yesterday and I am having no luck with the SMS service. I have followed instructions to use the email address to have people send me SMS messages. That address bounces every time I send an email to it. I realize I cannot send SMS messages from the Treo unless I use a third-party application. At this point I am interested in just receiving the text message on the Treo and I don't want my staff to have to go to the SprintPCS website and use the messaging app there to send nor do I just want to use SnapperMail to retrieve my email off of the PSrintPCS mail servers. I just want to use the SMS function. When I spoke to SprintPCS Technical support they said that the email address to send a text message was not available (and thus was bouncing) because I have a Treo 300..... Any ideas? Based on my search on this topic quite a few folks are using the SprintPCS SMS service via the email address listed above. Do I need to call Sprint back and get them to do something to my account? Any help would be greatly appreciated on this.
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    I was having a similar problem with SMS. I could not receive SMS messages unless I turned off my phone and turned it back on. I had to do this every time I wanted get my messages. In the end, the problem was caused by a hack that I had on my Treo. When I turned off the hack, my SMS messages started working.

    Unfortunately, I think your problem is not with your phone and I do not know how to fix it. Even worse, you only have half a chance of getting help from Sprint. When I was trying to get my problem fixed, depending on whom I talked to, I heard different stories ranging from "Sprint doesn't have SMS", and "The Treo can't use SMS without third party software" to "We don't support that functionality on a Treo". In fact, I just got a call on my Treo yesterday from a representative at Sprint to specifically tell me that Sprint does not support Short Mail on the Treo 300 while I had already received several SMS messages that day. I was lucky that my problem turned out to be something I could fix.

    The fact of the matter is that receiving SMS (or short mail as Sprint calls it) can and will work on a Treo without any special software; the people in this group can confirm that. You only need special software if you want to send SMS messages. I suggest that you keep calling Sprint until you find someone who knows what is going on and can help you. Perhaps if you got someone to help you with Business Connection and told that person that you are unable to receive new message notification, you might get someone to help you with SMS. I think the fact that Business Connection costs extra and relies on SMS to work is a good enough reason for them to make it work. Another thing to remember is to call it "Short Mail" when you talk to Sprint. If you say "SMS" they are more likely to tell you that they don't support it. Finally and most importantly, don't give up.

    Good Luck.


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