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    Can someone tell me how to remove (open up) the Treo 270 to remove a piece of the ear plug that has broker off inside the socket. I cannot get at it with a tweezer as it is in too deep.
    Any suggestions. I tried removing the 4 small screws on the back but it did not appear to enable me to actually remove the cover with those screws removed. Thanks, Gerry
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    Remove the screws as before, then with a thin jewlers screw driver of knife, go around and pry up both sides. There are plastic clips that will pop right open. You should have no problem then to remove the miniature plug from the socket.
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    I have openned my T270 several times. After removing the 4 screws all I had to do was to first press on the sides of the lower part of the case at the same time pulling the upper part. Once the sides are off, go to the top part and do the same pressing and pulling procedure. Be carefull of falling parts. Finally, carefully pull the top and the lower part of the case against each other. To put back everything together, press together the upper and lower part of the case starting from the bottom, then the sides and finally the top.

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