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    Today I have not been able to login to the Sprint email servers for POP or SMTP via my device. I can login at their website and see mail in my box but their servers continue to reject my login from the device. Any ideas?
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    Same problem here... I thought such problems had been resolved by Sprint in the past? Anyone know whats going on?
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    Some email servers handle multiple domains and you need to use your email address, not just your username, to log on.
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    No problem here.
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    do u use ur whole email address or just the username. Also do u use the password u created in vision or ur initial password.
    I am having a heck of a time. I have followed the instructions listed all over this site to the "T" but I am still getting rejected is it me or sprint. I know that's a loaded question :-)
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    I use my vision username only and vision password to authenticate. Have had no problems since I got the Treo except when the mail servers were down.
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    I use Snapper and it has no trouble fetching my sprint mail. It has not been able to send any today.

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