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    I just signed up for Sprint Vision and I cannot seem to figure out how to receive SMS messages. I know that I cannot send the messages without the add-on app but what email address are others to use to send me SMS messages. I want them to be able to send via email and not the Sprint webpage text message function. I read that you could use yoursprintphonenumber@messaging.sprintpcs,com but that does not work as the email messages bounce and say that domain is not configured. Is there another sprint email domain I am to use to send messages to my device? Sprint rep told me that my staff would need to use the sprint website to send me SMS or send me email and use Eudora or SnapperMail to retrieve but I want them to be able to send me SMS via an email address like the old sprint paging service. Has this service been terminated? THANKS!
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    There may be a problem with your account. First, go to Sprint's main page and send yourself a text message via the link at the bottom. If you see an error like, "The user does not subscribe to this service", you need to call Sprint and get them to straighten your account out.

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