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    I need to change from SprintPCS to either TMobile or Cingular.

    I am looking for a Treo 270 at Best Buy. My local Best Buy no longer has the phone.

    I have a Treo300 and would like to trade the 300 in for the GSM 270 using the replacement warranty.

    If I can not find a 270 then my warranty will not be usable.

    If anyone know a best buy with a 270 in stock, I would be very appreciative.

    Thank you.
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    Try your local T-Mobile store. I just bought one at a T-Mobile kiosk in our local mall. The really good part about that is that I no longer have to deal with Handspring support. If I have any problem I just call an 800 T-Mobile number and they ship me one overnight. No more hour, hour and a half hold times with Handspring!
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    I dont think Best Buys would be carrying Treo 270 anymore. I hope you find one but it doesn't seem likely. I don't go to BB that often but even when the 270 was "new" I don't remember seeing at any BBs I went to.

    If you really want a Treo 270 I would recommend you get a replacement Treo 300 and sell it on ebay. Use the money u get and bid for a Treo 270. Not exactly an convenient thing to do but if you really want a Treo 270 I think it might be the only way.

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