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    Rumors have popped up on some of the other smartphone boards that Sprint is punting the Palm OS for use with its smartphones going forward.

    Will the Treo 300 be the last Treo we can use with Sprint?

    Anyone interested in switching to the MS phone-pda platform?

    Color me "NO" on that one.

    Hope the speculation is not true.
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    I would bet that Sprint is not punting on Palm. I do expect future Palm OS phones to come out with more "Brew-type" functionality built-in than in the Treo 300, though. Sprint has given Vision a bargain price, hoping to use the network to sell more software and services. Currently Treo owners don't have an easy way to spend more money on those services. I expect Sprint to use something like the "Action Engine" software that enables easy wireless syncing and wireless download/billing for Palm software, ringtones, and possibly even remote diagnostics. That gives Sprint two things: 1) more revenues from software, ringtones, etc; and 2) makes the Palm phones more *****-proof (creating a broader market) by enabling remote support.

    Personally I haven't seen a MS-based phone with a form factor I would buy yet. The PPCPE's are all too big and the Smartphones all don't have keyboards and touchscreens. Give me a thin flip-phone with an alphabetic keypad and the PPCPE OS and I may be willing to give it a try.
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    There is at least one more Palm-based smartphone in the hopper for Sprint. They are currently testing the SPH-I500, which is basically a "flip-phone" version of the I330 with a normal size screen and a real numeric dial pad.

    Sprint seems to have passed on the Kyocera, probably because they are worried about having a too confusing product line.

    Beyond those, there are no other Palm-based CDMA phones either announced or passed by the FCC (which usually occures at least three months prior to availability, but is often longer).

    I am not sure that Sprint is stopping Palm phones, but the product pipeline is going to be dry for a little while.
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    Well said and great insight, scrinch.

    What's PPCPE? Power PC or Pocket PC Personal Edition?

    I do find that the OS in these vision phones (non-PDAs) really suck. If SPCS can put a real OS (Palm or PPC) in phones, make the screen large enough and keep the real dial pad, that's all I wanted. The I500 seems exactly the one. But, I cannot live with a reception that's worse than Treo 300. A key point for me to switch from A500 to Treo 300 is that Treo works in the places where I wished other vision phones would.
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    A friend of mine who works for a Sprint partner indicated that Microsoft charges lots more for their liceneses than Palm does. To penney pinching Telcos that's huge!!!!
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    originally posted by Fixup
    What's PPCPE? Power PC or Pocket PC Personal Edition?
    PPCPE = Pocket PC Phone Edition

    The sph-i500 looks nice, but has a small screen and lacks the alphabetic keypad. I hope to see a slightly smaller, SDIO, audio/video-enabled, OS5 next generation Treo pretty soon.
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    Originally posted by pdxjayhawk
    Rumors have popped up on some of the other smartphone boards that Sprint is punting the Palm OS for use with its smartphones going forward.
    Palm OS 4.x is done soon I'm sure... but there is a lot to like about 5.x Palm still is the best suited OS (overall) for smartphones, IMHO
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    I love my Treo, and Handspring (don't get me wrong) but I would give pretty good odds that you won't be seeing an OS 5 Handspring device any time soon.

    Handspring has been pretty conservative about the versions of PalmOS that they release. The have been using 3.5 for every device (possibly because it was the last released developed under good old Jeff?), with the exception of the Treo 90 (may it rest in piece). The only reason the Treo 90 had 4.1 was because of the SDIO card slot (too difficult to write VFS drivers for 3.5 I guess).

    I'd be willing to bet that the next Treo will be still at 3.5, unless they wise up and include an SDIO card slot (which I wouldn't count on after the wonderfull reception that the Treo 90 got!). I'd place the chances at around 10% that the device will be OS 5. I mean, after all, even Palm chose 4.1 for the Tungston W, probably due to the battery benefits of the Dragonball architecture.

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