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    The company I work for has asked me several months ago to research the treo 300, after lots of testing I decided to release it to our sales team. We currently have 22 treo's out in the field and 14 more should be in by the end of next week and the only problems we have had with them are sprint pcs's limited service area. Other then that things have been great. I think that it's a great tool, we have written several webtools for ours for our sales personnel to get estimate quotes direct at the customer's office. This thing is great and I just wanted to share my positive experience with you guys. On a side not I was wondering if anyone else here has multiple treo's for their company and how things are going with them?
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    Thanks for the real world feedback, matt burkhard

    Each day, I still am impressed w/ mine
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    Some Feedback I've received from several of our Employees:

    "Using Eudora for email on the road is the best thing ever!",

    "It is a little bulky, but for what it does, it is very convenient to not have to bring my laptop everywhere.",

    "Absolutely, the Treo is usable on site at a customer's office.",

    "The Treo is a good PDA that just happens to be a phone.",

    "The Voice Activated dialing is probably a safety feature when using it in the car.",

    "Best feature is the easy connection to the PCC website to download status reports and send estimate requests during a sales call." (PCC is one of our webapps)
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