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    I have a home computer that runs Windows ME with Outlook 2000 and a work computer that runs the same. Currently, my Treo and home computers are set up to sync with one another and it has worked great. The info from my home computer goes to the Treo and the info from the Treo goes to my home computer. What I'd like to be able to do is synch my work computer to my treo, such that the information transfers from my work computer to my treo when I sync, thus transferring the work info to my home computer when I sync, but not transferring my home computer info to my work computer. So, I guess that I need the following synchronization:

    Home-Treo, Treo-Home, Work-Treo, but not Treo to Work.

    If there is a way that I can do this w/o buying a new PIM, then great. Or, is there a PIM (I only need Contacts, Tasks and Schedule) that I can load on my Treo, Home and Work Computers that will operate independently of Outlook 2000 so that I don't transfer home info to the work computer, but can still get work info on all 3 units?

    Make any sense at all?

    Thanks in advance for the help.
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    there is a one time setting when you sync that you can set each time at work to just have work over ride the Treo.

    Ron Vermillion
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    Personally, I would want all my databases in sync - because nightmarish things always happen when you have multiple independent data sources. However, set the conduits at work to update the Treo, and the conduits at home to be updated by the Treo. All the configuration is right there in the software that ships w/ the product.

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    I agree with Dunc. It would be difficult to manage synchronizing the way you describe it. It is much better to have one 'master' set of data (which is your outlook contacts, calendar, notes) and keep that master set synchronized between three devices (2 pc's and the treo)

    One word of caution - back up your outlook from home and work. You can do this using the export feature. It takes a little practice to get all 3 devices perfectly in sync. But once you do that, it is a snap.

    I sync at home in the morning and evening, and I sync at work when I arrive and before I leave.
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    glad i'm not the only one who thought it was not desirable to have different stuff in different places. to me one of the best things about the combo of the treo with yahoo calendar is that it's the same wherever i am, and i have backups at both home and office in case of the (inevitable) hard reset.

    a couple of months ago i went on a business trip. before i left, i sync'ed to my laptop. sure enough, at dinner, showing off my treo, i got the blue and white screen of death. back up to my hotel room, re-sync off the laptop, and in less than 5 minutes, was right back to where i had started...
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