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    When Handspring released version 1.5 of TreoMail nearly five months ago, I posted a list of features that would be great to include in the next version update. But since then, Handspring has been silent about new versions of TreoMail, and the following features are still missing:

    -- Support for attachments
    -- Support for multiple e-mail accounts
    -- Ability to create and customize mailboxes/folders
    -- Synchronization utility for PC e-mail applications
    -- Ability to be interrupted by an incoming phone call when sending or receiving e-mail, so calls don't go directly to voice mail by default

    Does anybody know whether Handspring has any plans to add any of these features to TreoMail?
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    Interesting that no one has responded yet.

    I too am a TreoMail user, and love it. And I haven't heard a peep about a new release. I did do some checking into Visto's latest version of their Message Xpress client (Visto is the maker of the TreoMail client). I actually got a beta of their new version, which contained attachment support. I really didn't like any of the usability aspects of it, not to mention that their version required a server side install (a la BlackBerry and the like) to gain attachments, which wouldn't work for my IT folks.
    Mainly, though, I didn't like the way the client operated - it didn't run in background, like TM, and it wasn't nearly as intuitive on an overall basis as TreoMail. I guess what I found from my investigation as that it confirmed my suspicions that Handspring must have really made some serious UI changes to Visto's product to make it specific to our Treos. Bottom line - TreoMail is MUCH better than the product from which it spawned, at least for us Treo users. But that's pretty logical after all - they made it more specific to their product.

    They NEED to get going on some of the features you mention below, among others. Let's hope they are, and have a plan to do so...while they have the budget...and lights to work by...
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    I purchased my Treo 270 in August of 2002. I have experimented with several email clients including: Pushmail, Eudora, Mark Space Mail, 2bAnywhere, SnapperMail, MultiMail, iambic and Gopher King. While some are better than others for this reason or that reason, I ALWAYS return to my TreoMail. I still feel it is the most reliable and stable email program. In short.....I LOVE IT!!! I have upgraded to the 1.5 version and have yet to find any differences.


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