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    finally made the plunge by buying a treo 90 from compusa (online its $150 after rebate). To my disappointment handspring no longer seems to offer a free version of recoecho- whats up with that?
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    You might want to email Handspring and ask about it, saying that you bought the Treo knowing RecoEcho+ was included. I have to admit that I don't actually use it much, now that I've gotten used to the keyboard.

    A free grafitti program you can download is NewPen. Get it here. I've not used it, but others have recommended it for the Treo. It comes in two versions. Does anyone who's used it on a Treo want to distinguish between the hack and non-hack versions?
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    I've only tried the non-hack version, since it was all that was there last time I downloaded NewPen. I'm assuming it functions the same, since the NewPen app acted pretty much like a hack anyway.

    JZ-Sorry to see HS discontinued the free RecoEcho, but to be honest, I installed in on my Treo and never once used it. You can do so much with the thumboard, you'll probably forget Graffiti after a week or two or thumboard practice.

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