Didn't find this info in English-speaking Intenet (!).
Today in interview to Russian news site lenta.ru selfie stick inventor Wayne Fromm said that he has tested it firstly on Handpring Visor PDA!!! It's unbelievable

Google translate:

You have patented a tripod before the boom of smartphones - two years before the release of the first iPhone. Something was in the air? Or maybe you just thought that came up with another strange thing?

Mobile phones equipped with cameras even then, and this was reflected in my patent application. In those days, very few people knew how to transfer photos from the phone to other devices. I foresaw that all about to change as allowing sales of digital cameras. It was clear that the quality of mobile phone cameras improve. In my work I used a version of the PDA PalmPilot called Visor, which had a built-in camera. I realized that cell phones and PDAs will soon displace small cameras simply do not know how fast it will happen.