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    Our new rev of software in our company's phone switch allow us to securely "bridge" apperances of our desk extension to our mobile phone. Options of this software allow us to send the "extension" of the caller out the caller id info on the outbound call to the cell phone. Therefore, even though our policy forces a set caller ID originating from our internal extensions, I can still see the extension of the person calling me from my caller ID on the cell phone. I absolutely love this feature!!

    However, there is one drawback that I can't seem to figure out. Even though I imported the names and the 5 digit extensions into my contacts list on my Treo. The Called ID "match" with my Treo is not happening. For example, on my phone I see the called ID number:


    I setup a contact that is

    First Name: John
    Last Name: Doe
    Business Phone: 301234

    Even though this contact exists, I only see 301234 on my display not John Doe. Does anyone know is this feature only limited to 7 or 10 digit caller ID's? Am I missing something obvious?

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    I can't answer your question ... but I am curious. What would happen if you appended the callers last name to his extension in your contacts list?

    In other words put in "301234Doe" and see what happens when he calls. ??
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    Unfortunately, It doesn't work. I can't seem to find any way to make the caller ID match. I'm assuming they don't match on anything less than 7. Is there any other software that anyone knows of that will match on the incoming caller ID that works with the 300? Or is there actually a tech support number for the software, that's not sprint!, that could answer this question?

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    This was mysteriously corrected in the sprint 1.2 update. My "short" caller id's now match my address book perfectly!
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    This sounds like a job for CallFilter :-)

    Callfilter does wildcard pattern matching for picture caller ID and custom ringer caller ID, plus lots more....
    Doug Blair

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