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    I have the latest verichat 1.56b and in the last two days I've experienced some weird problems (the trial period is still valid, so it is not a paying issue)

    When I log on via verichat (autoconnect to aim proxy when ivoked via button), I get logged off from my desktop aim session, but it doesn't show up in my buddy list on my aim list uder another name. ivoking this once or twice causes it to show up, however, when I send a message to my verichat username, nothing happens. No SMS, no nothing. It was working fine till day before yesterday.

    The other problem is that nothing shows up under online. I have to minimize the online window and then open it up again for the screen names to show up.

    One more thing: When I move away from the verichat window, the program logs me off the proxy server. What the hell is this?

    Very weird.

    Anyone with any idea whats going on?

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