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    My Handspring Treo 180 freezes every couple of days. I will be using the Treo....and then it takes No input from the keyboard and everything is frozen.

    It seems to happen randomly...Sometimes when I am talking on the phone. Sometimes when I am just using an application.

    Can anybody share any ideas? I have minimzed the apps on there.
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    I have the same problem and I have no idea why it happens.
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    do you have the same problem with "NO" 3rd party software loaded on the device?
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    Yes....even with NO 3rd party on there... it seems to crash.
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    My first Treo 180 had the speaker die, so Handspring replaced it very quickly. Then that replacement unit started crashing... several times a day. So I called 'em up again and they replaced it again. Very speedy service. The one I have now (for only a few days at this point) works well, no crashes yet (knock on wood).

    The crashing unit would crash even with no third party software or anything installed (like a crash right after a crash with no synch in between.. if that makes any sense). So go to the website or call 'em and get it replaced!
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    Yep, call HS, they will ask you to do a soft, warm and then a hard reset. Just standard procedure. Once all resets have been done they will process a replacement for you. One more thing you might try before calling and getting a replacement unit is to 1. Hard reset the unit. 2. Setup a new username on the Palm Desktop software 3. Hotsync to the new username. If you are using any 3rd party conduits disable them in the hot sync manager before sycning to the new username. If everything seems to be working fine with the new username with no data on the unit. THen there may well be a problem with the backup folder on the desktop of the OLD username.
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    My Treo 180 had similar problems. It worked fine for a couple of weeks and then just kept locking up/switching off. Handspring UK replaced it really quickly, but the replacement did exactly the same. It would work for maybe 10 mins and then just fill the screen with rubbish and freeze. Both units did this without any 3rd party software. Here's hoping Treo number 3 actually works. Am I unlucky or are these things as unreliable as it seems?

    Allan Phillips
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    Unfortunately my 180 just started doing this last week. I haven't added any 3rd-party software for many months now.
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    My Treo 180 started freezing a few days ago, too. I wonder if changes in Voicestream service (recently advertised to me with a bill) may be affecting it. It only seems to freeze when I am in wireless mode.

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