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    anyone know of any good programs to keep track of gas mileage?

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    I would recommend Fuel Log. Open source and just plain works.
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    I use AutoMobile from LinkeSoft. Its worked for me, and I like the interface.
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    I use Kar Kare. You can enter maintance items and it will warn you when they are due. I wish it had a MPG graph tho.
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    I use Kar Kare too. It's a simple app that works very well, tracks multiple cars, maintenance etc.

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    I rolled my own using ThinkDB (now SmartList or something like that).

    I enter the current odometer reading, fuel cost/gallon and total fuel cost. Miles since last fill, amount of fuel added, mpg and cost/mile are calculated fields.

    By using categories, you can keep track of multple vehicles in the same DB.

    I have a separate ThinkDB database that I use to track car maintenance
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    Ditto on Kar Kare! I really like it, gives all the ifo one would want, as well as anual cost, cost per mile.....ETC. Easy to use, very well thought out IMO
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    Originally posted by pbryon
    I use AutoMobile from LinkeSoft. Its worked for me, and I like the interface.
    Ditto on AutoMobil. Nice interface. graphs for mileage, fuel cost, cost per month, and monthly mileage. You can input reminders for maintenance. Great app!

    Almost forgot, with the import/export utility you can export your data from your palm to an Excel file for perusal on your desktop.

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