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    I just installed PalmNet v1.1 and am using USB. Got it running in 3 minutes. This is by far the BEST BEST BEST program I've ever used with my Treo. Now I have free wireless access anywhere I go. I'm in total shock. I'm definitely registering.
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    Does this reboot anyone else's computer? My Treo says it sent 10 bytes and received 4, then a spontaneous rebooting.
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    yes. it reboots my win xp immediately upon trying to connect. also I get 'fail to install prc file'. I had to end process and manually install prc. vendor says he's working on this. has something to do with having upgraded from a treo 270 to 300.
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    the program also runs cpu to 100% every once in a while for no reason. I have to end it then run it again
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    why don't we fold this thread into the other palmnet thread that was already started...

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