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    I use SprintPCS Business Connect to connect to my corporate Exchange server and push messages to my device. I noticed with the most recent version, that an NT Service is installed--- "PCS Business Connection Service" --

    I monkeyed with it for a little while and found "ConenctionService.exe" in the home directory of the software, but can't seem to do anything with it. The desktop executable doesn't seem to depend on it, because I can make a connection and download new emails to the TREO without having the service started.

    My real hope was to use this service as something I could stop and start remotely. If my Exchange server or the network drops connection, Business Connect seems to choke and I have gotten around this problem in the past by using the NT Resource KIT "shutdown" utility to remotely reboot the server... used tweakui to automagically log me into my domain account, and then put the executable in the startup group...

    I'd rather remotely stop/start a service, rather than going through this kludgy reboot everytime I need to re-establish connectivity...

    Haven't seem any documentation about the NT Service, what it does, or how to use it-- I'd presume it would have to "suck in" my credentials to work without any intervention from the desktop---

    Anybody know about this?

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    Dunno about that EXE but there is an NT resource kit utility that would allow BC to run as a service.

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