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    Is anyone here on the $85/month plan, with more than 1 phone ADDED onto their plans?

    The $85/month plan as you know includes 1 free "add-a-phone." I however have 2 phones added to my account (for a total of 3 phones), and I am not getting a monthly charge for either of the 2 additional phones. I expected to pay $20/month for the 3rd phone, but I'm being chaged $0.00 on my bill. Anyone else experiencing this?

    Perhaps I am not being charged for either of the additional phones because one phone is a non-vision phone and the other added phone is a vision phone? Or is sprint letting everyone on the $85/month plan get away w/ this?
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    I got $85 with 1 free addon 1 for $20 then $10 for unlim n and w.

    its likre $120 after everything

    so 2k anytime
    unlim n and w
    unlim pcs2pcs
    unlim vision

    well worth $40 / phone / month
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    I tried to get my third phone on the $85 plan for use as an emergency backup and for my teenage daughter to occasionally (yeah, right) use. Sprint customer service said "No way" so I ended up cancelling that line.
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    Just a reminder to check with your company to see if they have a 'supplier discount' with sprint. I work for Xerox and get 18% off my monthly bill.

    I think if you work for AT&T you get 25% off your sprint bill.

    Good Luck
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    I have the $85 plan, and three phones. I was paying an extra $20/month for the third phone, but when I called to cancel they gave it to me for free. Your milage may very, I've been a sprint customer for 3+ years so I may get some "extra" treatment.

    Blaine Benson
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    I've been a sprint customer for 3+ years so I may get some "extra" treatment
    I had been a customer for 4+ years when they told me no...all month-to-month. I was sure that they would bite, since the $85 plan was an upgrade from my previous plan. But they didn't even make an attempt to have me keep the line: "$20 or cancel...your choice." I guess it depends who you talk to.
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    I guess it's impossible to figure out Sprint's billing rules. I've been a SprintPCS customer for over 5 years, never requested that my 3rd phone be free, but it is.
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    If you aren't getting charged, then DON'T ROCK the boat! I have the $85 plan with three phones. Only one is vision and the other two add-ons are non-vision. I pay $115 w/N+W. Let me tell you that Sprint has screwed up my bill soo many times that its ridiculous! The billing dept is absolutely incompetant from my experiences. If you're not getting charged then its most probably b/c they screwed up. The only thing you should be careful about is if they catch the error (if indeed it is one) and then try to stiff you with the charges long after the fact they messed up. Don't let them do IT!!! Some may argue that this would be dishonest, but the fact is that Sprint does this to their customers all the damn time. For example, I have the automatic credit charge on my plan so I sometimes did not get to a chance to review my charges in the PAST until I actually saw my statments (BAD IDEA I ADMITT). Well I found out that Sprint had incorrectly charged extra for wireless minutes on my two non-vision phones. When I further checked into it, I found they had done so for the past three months! When I called the sprint, they refunded my for the current month but REFUSED to refund for the prior month b/c they said it was not their responsibilty since I had not reviewed the charged before! I got soo pissed that I threatened to cancel my service and complain to the better business bureau etc whereby they finally relented but not with out literally two hours on the phone and talking to lhalf a dozen people! This was a very irritating experience and I warn all Sprint users out there to carefully watch their bills as a result...

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