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    Hi guys. This is my first post. Here is my question, I have a T-mobile sidekick right now. I am getting kind of sick of it, however I don't think I could go back to a regular phone. So I was looking at the treo. I have a few questions though. First and for most, I am getting rid of the Sidekick because the phone is just horrible, now part of this is the phone and part of it is Tmobile. How is the treo 300 on sprint. I am in New york city, and my girlfriend has sprint, she gets really good service. So I guess my question is this. Does the Treo opperate like a GOOD phone, I just want to make sure I don't get something that does the same problems as my Sidekick. Also can you send text messages from it, I heard somewere that you could not, but that was a awhile ago. Well let me know. Thanks.
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    Initially was a little wary about the prospect of using this device on the Sprint network and needing to switch off a competitor. The product has been superb, the service outstanding and even in the most remote areas I seldom have an issue. True, it is single band, but this has not proved to be a real issue. Data services, even at the beach work fine. Sprint's implementation is very cool. In a place like NY I'd think you will be fine. Mine is used in North Carolina and works great here. Go for it! You won't regret the decision.
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    Cool thanks for the info.
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    if you are not in rush wait until the end of May, the TREO is a year + old phone. Several new units are coming ourt from different OS ( Symbian, Palm, Pocket PC & MS Smarthphone ) which will provide latest technology
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    I had had some bad experiences with Sprint in the past. I've been pleased in that the Treo is not only the best cell phone I've used (even if it only did voice, apart from the size), but Sprint has upgraded the network to be the best in my area (No. California).
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    I have had a Treo 300 for 6 months and it is the BEST. I'm in Louisiana and very pleased with Sprint and Treo300. I sync the palm infor between my Powerbook G4, Treo300 and a G4 tower at the office. Works flawlessly. Only 2 things would make it better, dual mode and built-in bluetooth.
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    i'm on long island and have been quite happy with the treo. i went with it in spite of some folks who advised against switching to sprint. apparently a couple of years ago they had some service problems, but i have not found that with the treo.

    one possible exception, is that the treo is less reliable in some large buildings (costco comes to mind)
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    I had the sidekick since october....although i liked the phone, t-mobile reception sucked for me.

    I now have the treo and love it. So much more you can do with it than the sidekick

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