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    I am considering purchasing a Treo 270 from T-Mobile; they have great phone plans. But, their data plans kind of scare me. 5megs of data seems skimpy but I haven't used a Treo to know what my usage patterns would be. T-Mobile states in their marketing literature that 1 meg of data yields 350 emails or web pages on a pocket pc. Does anyone have any practical experience with their Treo unit to respond to assertion.

    Also, I travel occasionally in North Carolina and South Carolina. These areas are data roaming areas for T-Mobile. T-Mobile doesn't publish the roaming rates for such use. Anyone have any experience with data roaming in these areas.

    Thanks for the info.

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    5 megs is really alot when your using a PDA. You will see another thread here where many people don't go over 5 or 6 megs. I hover right around 2 even though I pay for 20. I use my Treo every day to check my mail and CNN. Verichat uses a little. But at 160x160 graphics it takes quite a while to get 5 megs.

    Where your gonna see real data add up is attachments in email. Snapper downloads the entire attachment in full size and glory. I use BaseJet (its free for now) and it downloads only the 'text' of the message which is considerably smaller.

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    I have a special price for GPRS, 10 megabytes for $19.95. Using mostly the Treo, I average 6 - 8 mb a month and have yet to go much over 10. I also have an Aircard 750 and a Novatel Minstrel, so when I use my laptop or HPC, that pushes the usage up quite a bit. GPRS is quite nice though, and while not much faster (in the USA) than dial-up, it uses much less power. My Treo runs all day with heavy usage and light on phone calls.
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    I use T-M0bile's Internet Plan with 10 MB for $19.95. I average 4-5 MB per month, top! GPRS is very good. All in all I recommend it. (Regarding roaming data, I have no clue, but hopefully someone here will write about it. Do a search here as well.)
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    Tmobile doesn't roam on DATA outside the US. I have been around the states and it works OK. I am not charged for roaming data minutes per my plan.

    You also get more SMS messages when you add the data plan. Verichat sits on SMS so I see the increase in SMS usage but I don't ever go over.


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