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    Unfortunately, I dropped my treo 300 and seemed to do fatal damage. the flip lid came completely off and severed the little red and black wire. Since I am not familiar with electrical stuff, I am unsure if i can reattach the wires. of course, the longest part of the wires is on the flip piece and the wires in the phone set are down in the hole. any thoughts as to how i can get them reconnected? tweezers? some special electrical tool? Any thoughts would be helpful.

    P.S. Unfortunately, even though I signed up for the insurance plan when I got the phone, the Sprint system doesn't recognize me as someone with insurance. Must wait 30 days to make a claim. I am using the headset exclusively until then....
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    Search these forums--some brave folks have fixed their own broken speaker wires (look at T180 and 270 forums). You probably need to wait and get the unit swapped out under warranty.
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    without a warantee what happens if it breaks?

    My friend got a new phone in the mail without paying extra per month. I did not get my phoen from the sprint store so what happens if mine breaks
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    Julie, I would go to a computer store in your area. Flirt with the repair guy and I bet he will take a look at it for you. This wouldn't work for me cuz I am an ugly man. Hope the repair guy is a man. Good luck.
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    If there is a connector on the end of those black and red wires, it wouldn't be TOO hard to open up the case and reattach them. And, if the lid just seperated from the body and didn't actually break, you can probably reassemble it.

    There are 4 screws on the back of the unit. Once those are removed, there are 6 clip points where the case and lid are snapped together. Once you seperate the halves, another screw removal and you can replug in the lid to the connection point and reassemble.

    Good luck

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