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    looks like I'm locked into the treo/palm on sprint for a while. There are just too many good apps that I'm using - wirelessmodem, and now verichat, datebk5 etc. moving away from this would suck beyond belief so my hope is that something useful continues to arrive from handspring. After using the keyboard, things like the samsun 330 are not in the running as replacements.

    now, I know threads on this pop up every so often, but I don't care about the features as much as I care about continued existence of handspring/treo. All I'd like added is dual band and more battery.

    If for some reason the treo goes away, what are the chances verichat would be ported to the MS Pocket PC for the hitachi G1000? (has keyboard).


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    I wouldn't worry about this. Within a year or two, there will be far more attractive offerings (both hardware and software).

    - m
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    To your advantage is the stagnant Palm landscape. Palm doesn't really dazzle us. Sony gives it a good shot but PPC is better for that. That lack of evolution is exactly what gives the Palm user 16,000 apps on palmgear.

    Palm accounted for 71% of PDA shipments last year ( and is still a cheaper alternative to PPC. There will be newer and better palms for sure. Sony seems to push the envelope the farthest regarding entertainment value. I have had my Treo for 3 months and I expect Handspring to bring out a better one soon which I will get too I suspect.

    PPC is having great growth. Its kind of like a technology battle back in 1984. Apple was full of dazzle and MS-DOS users were very stubborn. If history is our guide, Microsoft and PPC will provide Palm with lots of good ideas for Palm to capitalize on.

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    > To your advantage is the stagnant Palm landscape.

    Is it stagnant?
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