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    Hello, I was wondering if could it be possible to turn any old palm os device with bluetooth support into an audio receiver, so you connect it to any set of speakers and stream and control audio from your modern ios/android device, the clossest thing I found was softick audio gateway but this does the opposite, anyone with enough knowledge of palm os could tell if something like this exist or would be possible to develop? (device/os/protocol limitations) if any.

    Thanks in advance
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    I'm afraid I don't have the answer to your question, bit if by, "the opposite", you mean the Palm can stream out music over bluetooth, then I'd guess it's technically possible for music to be streamed in. However, though this would be a nice use of an old device, I imagine no one would have implemented this unless it was a method for sharing tunes between devices - like sharing headphones, but without the wires... which is also a nice idea actually.

    Maybe you could enquire with the developers of softick audio gateway? It might be simple for them to implement a 'reverse' switch - especially if you sell it as a feature: Use wired headphones in a Palm BT device to listen to your friends' tunes (or as a receiver for you stereo system!)

    If you find no solution, I bought this:

    It was a reasonable price and works for me.

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