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    I've just started using Qurb, a neat spam filtering tool for Outlook, that has freed me from the shackles of spam. I'd like to forward my cleaned up inbox to my Treo300 while I'm mobile, saving tons of wasted download time.

    Ae there any Outlook forwarding programs that can be set to send periodically from my inbox, so that Qurb has a chance to do it's thing during mail download before the cleaned-up inbox is forwarded?

    Qurb has only been available for a week or two so I'm not sure anybody has had a chance to play with it much, but if anybody has any suggestions for a non-technical person I would appreciate it!
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    I use Qurb with the SprintBC with no problems. I have also used it with BaseJet with good results as well.
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    Thanks! I've also found a little program called, cleverly enough, Email Forwarder that can be set to forward the Inbox contents at specific intervals. Haven't received my Treo from Amazon yet, itching to try it.

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