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    Hi, all. I've sent out the first ten Chatter beta test versions. My goal is to get everyone their Beta copy within the week - I'm sending them out 5 at a time, on a first-in, first-out basis (from time the questionaire was filled out).


    - marc
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    ... to hear what you folks think of Chatter. I am quite taken with it myself.

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    I've only used it for 24 hours now, but the ICQ functionality is very cool. As a dedicated ICQ user, I find it much better than the native Palm ICQ client, and of course it's the only other option if you only use ICQ.

    Probably the coolest feature I've found is that it wakes up and plays a customizable ringtone depending on who is messaging you (similar to how the phone works) so if you assign the same ringtones to Chatter that you did to the phone quickdial, you'll know who's trying to get in touch with you.

    Not to say it is bug-free ... there are a few little quirky things that I'm sure will come out and be fixed in the beta, but Marc is responsive and willing to address issues as they arise.

    One last thing ... Marc has put a lot of effort into making this product legitimate. The documentation and setup shows a lot of throught -- especially for a beta.

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    Chatter is awesome! There is a great deal in ingenuity in the design of it.
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    everytime i try to register a name for the IM server I get a registration fails! Says name is available, but keeps coming back the same way, registration fails.
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    Send me some eMail at with your login name. Perhaps I added it incorrectly...

    - m
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    I couldn't reply to your email address (my mail got rejected by your server), but I re-created your account. Make sure there aren't any spaces or other extraneous characters in your name or password as given to Chatter.

    - Marc
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    it's working now, thanks!
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    just downloaded the beta and working really nice. marc u really came up with a great program only problem i am finding it hard to use the option buttonI have to try a couple of times other then that works really good

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    Thanks, Fred. Maybe you can give me some more information about what your problem is, either by email or on the chatter forums (you can do it here, also, if you like).

    - m

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