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    Are there any hard cases available for (or that will work with) the T90 ?

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    Not that are a good fit and keep the hard buttons from being pressed.

    I wound up settling for a homemade thin leather glove that the Treo90 slides into. It keeps scratches to a minimum, but offers no real protection from force. I use disable Disable buttons hack (palmgear). It's freeware and only lets the unit turn on when power is pressed or and SD card is removed.
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    I have the black leather clip-on from Leather International. Nice, but no longer needed, as I moved to a Sony TG50 which is a bit too big for it. (Still love the T90, but I needed backlit keys, and the extras ain't bad ). Original price = a nickel shy of $25. If you want it, I'll sell it to you for $15, and will stand behind it (i.e., return your dough if you're unhappy). Still in great condition. You can send me a self-addressed bubble envelope. Send a private message to me from the link at the member profile page:

    Oh- the case is not "hard", as in a shell casing, but it is firm (won't bend, etc). Pic at .


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