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    A hairline crack has appeared next to the hinge on the opening lid of my 270. Openign the lid is now a very delicate operation, and it feels like the lid will probably snap off any time.
    Does anyone know if this defect will be covered by the waranty ?
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    I had the same problem when my Treo 270 was almost 3 months old. Handspring swapped it out for free under warranty. Seven weeks later the replacement unit died and was replaced for free under warranty because of a battery problem. How long are Treo 270s supposed to last? Both of my units failed within three months...
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    Not having seen any sign of my Treo in HS outsourced repair centre logging system, I called them up to ask what was happening to my device. To my consternation, they said there was no sign of ithaving arrived to them, and that it had been lost.
    2 hours later a TNT delivery arrived, with a brand new Treo !
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    Yep, had the very same problem well actually worse, it came off the hinge on 1 side. I'd call that a major defect. Funny enough as the wire or something was still connected it still worked. Got a new one though. Yours will probably eventually come right off too.
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    My hinge broke as well, 6 months into the one year warrenty. Handpring replaced it with a unit that has less that one day of battery life. After aruging with Tech Support (they do not believe that batteries can be bad) and following their idiotic suggestion, I called back and they sent me to T-Mobile (my provider)

    Apparently T-Mobile handles warrenty replacements now, and they are sending me a replacement.
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    I have had a similar problem. A hairline crack appeared in the lid right next to the hinge. I could not move the lid op more than 3cm. I have sent the Treo off to the Handspring dealer in the Netherlands. I hope that customer service here will be ok too.


    Roel Hans
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    I love my 270, but suddenly I too have a crack in the hinge. Did T-mobile send you a new one that you could put on yourself? Or do I have to send the whole unit in to be fixed?
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    I did not purchase the unit throug T-Mobile but through You have to return the unit through your reseller, at least that is what the shop says. They will see that you get the Handspring guarantee. My unit is only 6 months old and it just had the usual business stress. So I guess they will either repair or replace the Treo. Have to wait and see thought. I am missing my Treo a lot already .

    I guess that T-Mobile will do the same in your case.


    Roel Hans
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    I talked to T-mobile and they indicated they will send me a new Treo and that I am to send the old one back in their postage paid box...Seems almost too easy...We'll see if it happens.
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    Did T-Mobile say a "new" Treo. I forgot to ask when I talked to them if the replacement units were new or refurbished.
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    The replacement I got looks like a new device. However, inlike the previous exchanges I have had in the past, it came with none of the accessories. It was just just wrapped in bubble paper. I guess this is a cheaper alternative for HS than shipping out a whole new box with the accessories....
    Anyway, I am on Treo N 6 now, and sincerely hope that it is the last time that I have to get it replaced, as the waranty runs out this summer
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    Well, T-mobile said a "new" one, but we'll see. They did say it would not have the accessories...
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    The hinge has now completely broken. Trust me I have been very careful with this phone. It is an obvious design problem. I hope the replacement comes soon and that handspring corrects the defect!
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    I recieved my replacement Treo yesterday. It looks new, with a T-Mobile logo on the hing, but the connector on the bottom looks worn, and the charging cable falls right off. I tried it in both of my cradles and the power connection is flaky. The Treo must be in exactly the right position or it won't charge. Neither of my other Treos had this problem, so I suspect that this is really a refurbished unit.

    I'll be calling T-Mobile just as soon as I get my second Treo (the one with the bad battery) sent back.
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    It would not surprise me that they are sending back out refurbished units. The rep at T-mobile was saying that the unit I send back in should have no other plastic abuses...yet they won't see it until I have a replacement! Only thing they could be doing is switching out the top halves where the hinges have broken.
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    I received the replacement phone today. It seems new, no problems with Syncing. It does show T-mobile on the hinge. It fits fine in my cradle, so I am back in business.
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    I just called T-Mobile, and they are sending me another unit. Maybe with luck this will be the one that I can keep!
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    After two weeks, the "new" unit received as replacement (#6 !!!) has developped the dead speaker syndrome. I could not believe it. It started when I could not hear the caller with all incoming calls. I intially (naively) thought that it was a coonection problem, but quickly realized that it was an issue with the speaker.
    I am getting very frustrated by this, in particular as the one year garanty expires this summer.
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    It may be best to purchase the extended warrenty from Handspring, so you can protect yourself from problems when the warrenty expires.
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    thanks for the suggestion, but is this extension available in Europe ? I do not remember seeing any sign of this on HS website ?

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