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    I just downloaded the latest version of verichat and all works well except for ICQ. Everytime I try to log into ICQ, I get a server disconnect notice immediately after it logs in. Has anyone else had the same issue?

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    I will try it and report back . . .
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    Try doing a soft reset and then log in again. If that does not work then check your desktop ICQ settings.
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    Thanks for the replies.. i tried the soft reset but no luck. on occasion I manage to get the buddy list up but as soon as I see it it logs off the icq I'm server error message. I have icq for palm os loaded but haven't used it. Any thoughts from the pdaaps folks on this?

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    Be sure that when you run VeriChat, that your desktop IM is not enabled. ICQ will boot off all of the connections for a single account except the last one that attempts to talk to it. So, if you attach with your Palm, and then maybe "wake up" your desktop IM, it may attempt to reconnect and then the Palm might get booted off the system. Just something to try.
    Bryan Nystrom
    Natara Software, Inc.
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    Thanks kindly,

    I tried that and since all of my ICQ connections are on laptops, there is no chance for that to happen. Im wondering if maybe there is a conflict between ICQ for Palm OS and Verichat? I might just delete the ICQ client and try it without that going.

    Ill report if that works or not.


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    Ok..I tried to delete the ICQ Palm OS client and no luck. Here is the exact error message I get once I try to log in:

    "Your Connection to the VeriChat IM Proxy Server was lost"

    It only happens when attempting to connect to ICQ. Everything else seems to be working well.


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