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    Hey, all you Treo users!

    I'm a 2-year old VisorPhone user with a Platinum. I've enjoyed the experience from a technical perspective, but it's beginning to wear on me. For one, I have to admit some embarrassment with the size of the phone/PDA combo. I feel like a dinosaur with it in public. Women shield thier children's eyes when they pass me talking on my phone! (j/k)

    So... I'm looking into the Treo 270, since I still strongly believe in having *one* electronic device to rule them all. I still have no desire to have a phone with its own phonebook and a PDA and a computer. Ugg.

    1) keyboard model or the grafitti model?

    Do the buttons work with the phone app? That's one major downside to touch panel interface for a phone. No tactile feedback! That bites.

    2) grafitti replacement?

    I was never very good at grafitti, but there's going to be times when I would miss it I think. Plus, with a jog dial and built-in keyboard, what good is the stylus these days? So is there some way of having my cake (keyboard) and eating it too (grafitti)?

    3) voice recognition?

    Is it available?

    4) accessories?

    a) What kind of cases are best? Do they work with the flip lid?
    b) How about car mounts and speaker phone? Does the 270 have any speaker phone capability?
    c) Does the cradle double as a charger or is that separate? None of the Visor lines every handled charging/syncing well together except for the Prism and Pro (I think).

    5) module replacements

    Another bummer with switching is all the modules I have becoming quickly obsolete. The ones that I'd love to be able to replace somehow with the 270 would be:

    a) mp3 player. Is there any software solution with the SD slot here?
    b) GPS. Same question. Perhaps with GPRS and the net?
    c) backup. Is the SD slot capable of backup as well as file storage?

    Thanks for being patient with my newbie questions!
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    Hi Rob,

    Kevin from Handspring here. To answer your questions:

    1. Yes, the keyboard works in the phone application.
    2. Yes, you can download a third-party Graffiti replacement. Here are links to a few of them:
    How can I get Graffiti on a keyboard-equipped device?
    3. No voice recognition, sorry.
    4. Here’s some info and links about accessories for the Treo. Of course, TreoCentral is a great place to ask for recommendations.
    Where can I find accessories for my Handspring device?
    5. The Treo 270 does not offer mp3 capability or an SD slot.

    Good luck with your decision. The Treo has been getting some great press lately. Here’s one of the most recent reviews:

    BusinessWeek article on Smart Phones

    Best wishes,
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    Kevin Michaels
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    Thanks for the info, Kev.

    Hmm, I was mistaken about the SD slot then. Doesn't one of the Treo's have one?
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    the 90 has an SD slot.
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    Judging from your questions, you might want to wait for next Treo model or the Samsung i500.

    Keyboard is just Great ! - I've used both models and keyboard is an advantage on both Palm and especially Phone usage.

    Voice recognition? - Maybe on PalmOS 5 generation....

    Lack of Car-Hands-Free set is a big Treo disadvantage - and it's not really planned for it (no internal wiring to main connector), which makes it more Disappointing.

    Lack of expension slot is a real bummer - especially coming from HS.
    MP3, SD, GPS modules all goes down with above (maybe next model will have several slots to keep the edge ???? - Ha, Kevin ?)

    MP3 in general = PalmOS5 ability.

    ALL IN ALL - Treo is real nice, and better then any thing else CURRENTLY on the market

    >>> If you wish for a reasonable unit now, with no upgrade possibility when next model comes out .....

    >>> If you wish to have all your requirments, and able to wait a bit longer with the Visor phone for next generation - You will probably be more happy with the unit you will buy.
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    Halperin, what do you mean the hands free set isn't wired for it?

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    Ah, yes, the Treo 90. That's not even a phone is it? Was it intended to be like a transition between the Visor and the Communicators?

    Here's some more questions:

    1) Does the lid have to be open to talk to someone?

    2) Some clueless salesman at Best Buy told me last night that the Treo screens "turned black" when you touched them. He was clearly trying to push his own product, but I wondered. He also said that Handspring recalled them because of a QC issue. True?

    3) How is the antenna constructed? A friend of mine who owns a Samsung said that it's important to get one whose telescoping antenna has its load coil at the base of the phone instead of at the tip, so it doesn't break off. Is the Treo's antenna telescoping?

    4) What are the backup options? Is remote hot syncing possible? Say I leave my home computer on and it's got a broadband connection. Can you then connect to it securely to hot sync?

    5) How's the jog switch work? Does it scroll or just rock up and down? Do you push it in for a selection?
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    hands free set isn't wired for it - means that if you wish to comfortably place your unit in an Hands-Free-Set without having to connect/dissconnect several wires, you need the Headset & Ant. wiring reach the Main connector (Trivial issue for most phones) - then you can just place the unit in a cradle with ease.
    (The cradle could be of a dedicated set, or an adaptor to an existing set)
    now a days, you need to connect both to the main connector for charging, as well as connect the headset connector for voice, and it still leavs you with an internal Ant.

    The lid is an additional touchy issue - Yes, you must open it - then you get this bulcky unit beside your ear... - would have been nice to have both options, and not so hard to implement.

    Jog is working nicely, you can push it in, and you can keep it switched to one side and it will scroll through options.

    If in backup you mean HotSynch - then yes you can do it from remote - I assume same as in visor phone.

    For Ant. & Screens issue I have no answer - though it's true there are more then a few replacement stories in these forums.
    But don't go and buy anything else these days, as it bound to be less friendly.

    Best of luck.

    Have to go now, If no skad's hit Israel during the weekend, I'll be happy to continue on Sunday.
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    you don't have to open it if you use the headphone.
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    At the rist of getting booted from Treocentral, does anyone know anything about these competitors?

    1) Samsung SGH-i500 Smartphone
    Someone mentioned it earlier.

    PalmOS 5, GSM/GPRS, camera, SD slot. Not yet released thougth.

    2) Kyocera 7135

    This is a CDMA only phone, so I don't know if it has a comparable data connection like GPRS.

    MP3 player, SD slot, GPS locator (?), external caller ID. Yikes, features galore.
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    Ruprecht--are you using the search feature here at TreoCentral? Just like other sites and when visiting other forums, you might want to do a search on your question or topic first. You might be surprised to find that your question has been addressed previously. I do believe that other folks have posted info about competitive products. Give it a whirl.

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