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    Is there any service or site that would allow me to setup my favorite roads or locations and get a relative current traffic report on it that works on the Treo 300? The voice dialing service sprint has is terrible.
    Mark F Chinsky
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    Yes, there's a great service that I beta tested a few months ago. It looked promising. I wound up not buying it because I moved and got a new commute that doesn't involve traffic. But it was awesome.

    On the company's website, you set up routes on which you want information (such as "Highway 35 between Ben White and Braker"). The service then uses SMS or email to send you alerts whenever there is congestion on those routes -- you set the parameters (based on traffic speed). It's really neato.

    Trouble is, I can't remember the name or the URL. If anybody out there can help me with the info, please feel free to chime in.
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    You can set up MSN Alerts to send incident reports to you via SMS. Although it doesn't allow you to specify the exact route you are able to select the preferred cities/towns. Check it out @ and see if if that is what you are looking for.
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    Oh bbonn, now you have me depressed... Any thoughts on keywords I could search on? The stuff I thought of I couldn't find a solution with...
    Mark F Chinsky
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    Has reports on about 10 areas, mostly on west cost.
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    Here might be another option. You can download Tann PQA which will allow you to access real time TANN's traffic pages on your Treo. Also, you can access Tann through avantgo as well...

    P.S. However like thppfft said, most of the maps are from the West coast...
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    Hey guys, just to update I found an awesome little PQA called EtakTraffic and it is absolutely AWESOME!. I think this may be what Bbonn was refering to earlier. This app offers free coverage of a bunch of major cities and you can also get subscription based personalized traffic reports when and where you want them from point to point in real time. VERY COOL IMO!! Check it out!
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    For those unfortunate folks driving in the New York City area you can view real-time color traffic cam shots of the usual congestion spots. Don't know if other cities have a similar service, but seventy five cameras are available on this web site for NYC.
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    Sig-alert in the Los Angeles area they have great coverage. On my PC I get full color maps of the freeway system. On the Treo I get lists of exits and their current speed.

    They have other cities as well, but I don't think the features are as extensive as Los Angeles.
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    Anyone else having trouble loading with blazer? I get a "page too large" error.

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