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    Hey dudes

    on the middle of my Treo screen, there is a dark spot developing under the LCD, and it doesn't seem to be getting better

    in addition, around the edges under the LCD, there is yellowish looking stuff that is starting to show under the black area, in between the LCD and the plastic of the casing

    should I try to get the Treo replaced? I bought it in September/October --- how's my warranty lookin'?

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    The dark spot in the middle of the screen is normal for every Treo 300 I've seen and I would guess is a side effect of the backlighting (just like the bright spot in the corner that has been mentioned a few times).

    Most people don't notice it until it's pointed out to them (I would guess you just started noticing it). Although it is easily visible if you view a full screen black image.

    As to the other stuff, no idea. Sprint won't replace it until it affects the normal operation of the phone and they determine it is a defect (this is arbitrary in my experience, you could try to convince them it is a defect ). If you have the insurance plan then it is a bit easier to to get them to replace it (but more hassle to go through the process).
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    thanks for the reply!

    Seems kinda weird though --- did it start showing up because I was on a 2 hour phone call (which I was on)...?
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    Yes, my last treo and new replacement also have the dark spot ...

    You'll notice it when you set the contrast setting to maximum level (option + Q)

    Guess there must be some component pressing the screen on that area

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