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    I cannot hear my phone ring at the highest setting. Has anybody found a way to make the ring louder?
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    I've found that Q-tips are the best if only solution.
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    ..LOL ...
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    This is a common complaint among Treo users. You'll find a few posts related to this elsewhere in the boards.

    Basically (IMHO) it is a Handspring design flaw. With the Treo lid closed, the ringer speaker is covered up. Fortunately you bought a Treo 300 which supports polyphonic ring tones. I highly recomend setting up your Treo with a few as they are much louder than the built-in ringers from Handspring.

    I use TC Ringer and recommend that too. Try the ringtones link at the top of the page.

    This message sent wirelessly via Treo 300 so please excuse any typos.

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