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    The Treo 90 is no longer available directly from Handspring. However, you can get it for $199 from I want to upgarde my Palm IIIxe to a relatively inexpensive Palm device with color screen and keyboard. The Treo 90 fits the bill. Only thing I would like to see is built-in Bluetooth.

    Is Handspring getting ready to release an updated Treo 90? If so, will it be more expensive than the current $199 price? Will it include Bluetooth?

    Let me know what you know!

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    Handspring plans to focus on PDA/phone combos, so the Treo 90 will not be updated. However, it's still sold and works well (I like mine) and you can apparently add Bluetooth with an SD card as shown here. We can only speculate on the next Treo, but Bluetooth in some future Treo seems plausible.
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    This is old news. You can do a search on here for more information. I believe they've simply discontinued the 90. There is no expected replacement, since Handspring are focusing on communicators.
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    Okey dokey. Thanks for awschwab's recommendation of the Treo 90 and gmaugham's summary of previous posts. It's nice that Handspring has announced that there won't be a successor to the Treo 90 and that I won't have to play the waiting game.

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    You're very welcome.

    Also, although I don't own a 90, I would certainly recommend it at it's current price and with the included expansion slot.

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    I have to say for me its the #1 pda I've owned. (And I've owned a few). This is a great design and I love the built in thumbboard. I'd buy again. Built in BT would be nice but the SD card works well.

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