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    I've been doing some playing around with WirelessModem to see if SPCS would classify usage under the unlimited category or as something else.

    When I checked my minutes use on the SPCS website this evening, I found that I had minutes labelled "Casual Use PCS Wireless Web Minutes." As this is the first time, I have ever seen minutes under the unlimited data plan listed this way, I'm wondering if SPCS is being more diligent in tracking and billing how all of us are using data minutes. Then again, using #777 as the entry way is probably an easy way for SPCS to track.

    Has anyone experienced a similar thing on their account?
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    You typically see casual wireless web minutes show up on your bill when you dial an ISP OTHER THAN #777 while connecting your phone to a PC. I.e., you shouldn't see casual wireless web minutes if you're dialing #777.

    You'd better make sure you've not dialing your personal ISP (e.g. Earthlink, AOL), or else be prepared for a large bill.

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